Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Egypt's Facebook Face Off - Egypt

I came across this and while I haven't completed watching it in its entirety, I thought it would be good to post on the blog. Since I haven't properly watched it, I can't give my opinion at this time. However, Egypt was reportedly trying to crack down on Facebook users a few months ago. Of course, views and opinions are always welcome, but please be respectful.


Stiletto’s, located across from the Cairo Sheraton (Giza)

Opens from 7pm - 3am Opposite Cairo Sheraton Hotel For reservation: 02 33311360 Hotline: 017 1507888 Fridays & Saturdays: From noon for Lunch Minimum charge: 120LE on weekdays 150LE on weekends

Let me reiterate that customer service really lags in Egypt so when you find somewhere that is even remotely up to par, I suggest holding onto it. Stiletto’s recently opened with a wide-open space, nice posh lounge seating, reasonable prices and even specialty drinks (also a rarity in Cairo – let’s just say if you’re a liquor drinker, you have to stick to one liquor and one mix, ie vodka sprite). Personally, I hate mango anything. HOWEVER, Stiletto’s features this mango margarita that even the avid mango hater such as myself actually enjoys drinking.

What I also love about this place is the good music, yet it isn't so loud that you can't hear your friends and/or date.