Monday, April 12, 2010

Letters from Egypt: Moving Advice

For those of you considering relocating to Egypt, here is some helpful information. I am a member of this listserv called Cairo Scholars which at times I find extremely annoying. And just when I think I’m going to finally unsubscribe, some useful information comes about that holds me there just a little longer.

Recently someone posted a thread discussing items from abroad that many of us miss immensely and can’t find here. I will specify that you can find almost everything you want, you just might have to pay extra for it as it is imported (ie Nacho Cheese Doritos which can cost around 35 to 60LE – around $7 to $10).

One thing that I am going to specify that you should come well stocked with is tampons (sorry guys). As I’m sure you can guess, tampons are not worn by the majority of women here – God forbid we give these men another reason to think we’re all prostitutes. I stock up when I’m at home and have regular packages sent by my friends and family – which has sort of become a running joke. Yes, you can find them but in packages of like five and please tell me someone that only uses five in one month. Not to mention they’re rather expensive.

Some of my other requests that my mom thoughtfully combines in a nice care package are:
*Lemon-pepper seasoning
*Dale’s seasoning
*Dip for chips
*Deodorant – I don’t find the brands here that great and most of them are antiperspirant roll-ons which kind of gross me out (I’m a Secret kind of girl)
*If you’re from the Southeast US, you know of Blue Plate mayo. As that’s difficult to find in other regions of the US, imagine how it is here.
*I use Crest Whitening toothpaste – a separate tube for day and night

Anyway, I have taken a few suggestions from the list to post here for your information:
*Battery-operated electric toothbrush
*Ibuprofen – but as a counter to that, you can find almost any variation of medicine available over the counter here. Popular pain relievers are Catafast, Cataflan and Panadol
*All electronic items as they’re ridiculously overpriced here.
*For any vegans, Isis is a local organic brand, but they use whole milk powder. Vitamilk is the brand for all of you trying to stay true to veganism
*Tarragon spice
*If you have a specific type of birth control, it is best to stock up before coming. A CS member said: “You can buy brands here like Gynera (which is made in Germany) that are very cheap (17LE a box) and just as effective as brands in the US. Others take Yaz (40LE) and have no problems finding it here.
*Although I have no clue what this is, someone mentioned Harissa
*Moon Cup – no idea what that is either
*Italian espresso – but there are good places to get Turkish coffee and I quite like CafĂ© Greco’s espresso
*Loose tea
*Anti-mite bags
*Sticky rollers to remove animal hair – ah hem, you can also just by tape
*Vanilla extract as it contains alcohol, though you are able to get vanilla flavoring in a powder form
*Microwave popcorn
*Get your phone unlocked before arrival as someone commented that it was cheaper abroad. However, if you fail to do this, you can travel to Attaba and have the service done for you – but be warned, it is a big undertaking and Attaba requires the right mindset (as in put your big girl panties on and get ready for the hassle).

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