Monday, June 14, 2010

!!! Cairo Craigslist Warning !!!

As mentioned on the previous blog, I was waiting to get more information on a scam luring females from other countries for supposedly great jobs in Egypt.

Jane** was looking for a job in Egypt in order to do research for a project. In the meantime, she still needed supplement income in order to finance herself without delving into savings. She looked on Craigslist and applied for a news anchor position with EZZ Media. Although a Google search will be inconclusive if you search the keywords EZZ Media Egypt.

This particular media segment was supposedly a part of EZZ Steel, a major giant in the steel/mining industry in Egypt, with the contact person even using the name of one of EZZ’s executives. EZZ Media was allegedly a start-up station looking to get native English speakers.

Jane came to Cairo where she conducted her interview shortly upon her arrival. On her way out to the Sandpit, she met an Egyptian American who was also interviewing for the same company but as a translator. Both women met with two men named (or at least that’s the given name) Ihab Isisi and Ahmed Ghazi. Ihab was very persistent in trying to get the women to meet him after midnight at After 8 in Downtown.

Other jobs that were posted by this falsified company were for translators and assistants to travel to Dubai.

A good friend of mine that is a casting director here even encountered a supposed director attempting to get one of her actresses to come audition for a play. The “director” used a famous director’s company and name and continued the ruse. It wasn’t until my friend became suspicious and called the actual famous director and found it to be a hoax.

I think the lesson here is to be extremely cautious of “name dropping,” as with the two above cases, that seems to be the common theme. Name dropping is like the country’s favorite pastime anyway.

As scams and dubious actions such as this happen throughout the world, it is important to use your head. For each potential job, always look up the contact person and company. For instance, if you have been contacted by Drew Brees, HR Dept for Saints Unlimited, type into a google search engine these particular suggestions:

“Drew Brees”
“Saints Unlimited”
Drew Brees HR
Drew Brees Saints Unlimited
Drew Brees Cairo
Drew Brees Egypt
Saints Unlimited Egypt

The quotation marks narrow down your search, but you can just pick some relative keywords to jumble them all together and comb through a higher number of search results. I understand some of you may be reading this thinking that I’m talking to a pre-schooler, but the fact is, many of you don’t know or never thought about doing a search. And for the most part, employers are googling you, so I suggest you get on board. Also, make sure to constantly check your privacy settings on sites like Facebook and Myspace as it appears they like to revert to default settings which open up your page and pictures to EVERYONE (and ah hem, no potential employer needs to see you doing a keg stand).

I researched my last employer before accepting the position. I even found blogs that discussed the work atmosphere, which might be helpful if you’re trying to decide between numerous offers. The important lesson here is to do all the research you can and if all else fails, use your instincts.

Once again, if it sounds too good to be true – it is, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!

* Name changed for privacy purposes


  1. Funny enough you should say that on my way home from the Five Bells two nights ago a stranger asked me if I would like to appear on a cancer treatment testimonial video. I would talk about my "cancer" and my "medicines" that I naturally have no clue about since I haven't had a cancer.

    Oh Cairo, you just gotta love it!


  2. Yes i know this man Ahmed Ghazi, he is my husband from USA, and most likely he is doing this stuff like a cheater. And his friend Ehab also has a wife here in USA. They are liars

  3. So what. it happens all the time. you probably was not accepted in the job so you are freaking mad. sorry about that. Life is too short. get on with your life.

  4. First of all, I think that if these persons in question were simply looking to cheat on their wives, they can easily find willing applicants in the area without having females fly over for such an elaborate scheme as it is both time consuming and risky.

    Second of all, it goes without saying that the response from Anonymous #2 is from a typical male. The person has moved on with her life and this post was simply to serve as a warning for others to do more research. And I do not feel it pertinent to express on every single blog entry that these things happen all over, my mission here is just to warn those coming to Egypt - as I would and have done for those moving to NY when I lived there.

  5. it doesnt matter. All useless. There is nothing you can do. There is no legal action you can take because there is no written agreement. So its all useless. No one has time for idiots.
    Besides, the guy met you once? ouch! you were not even cute enough for a second meeting. ouchhhh. suicide might be an option?

  6. Seeing as how this didn't happen to LeAnne, what does her being cute or not have to do with anything? Accept the fact that you were called out on your mis-doings, and repent for it.

    7aram begad that you would even jokingly suggest that someone would commit suicide. It's not something to joke about.

    She is getting the word out for other women to realise what an obvious dousche you are. She has every right (Free speech remember?) to let other women know. Unfortunately, not ALL foreign women are aware of how sleezy Egyptian men can be, so if she's warning them about your levels of douschebaggery, good for her.

    LeAnne you just had your heart set on this job didn't you? Aren't you heartbroken now that you won't be working in some stuffy office downtown filled with obvious geezers?

  7. Honey, first of all I am not the one in this thing. I am simply someone who wasted his time reading this.
    She read an advertisement, and she went for it, and she was refused. Its as simple as that. Even if those guys were making stuff up, what is the indication that they wanted anything else? Did they ask her for nude videos? Did they ask her for sex? it doesnt seem so.
    Most likely, they are doing something amateur and she was not accepted and thats it. Not everyone who is making a film has gotten the Oscar. She is acting like its a big time scam of women. She should seriously get a life. I am just afraid for her safety because I know of an American friend who did something similar and an acid was dumped on her while she was walking and her face was disfigured for life. She couldnt prove anything and she is scarred for life. Just look out for your safety and as long as nothing bad happened, you are fine.

  8. I would suggest that as long as nothing happened she should just move on and forget this. There is seriously very strong indication that her safety is jeopardized. Its very easy to disfigure someone for life in Egypt. Hot them with a car with no license, dump acid, hit them with a big stick on their head etc etc. do you really want that to happen? and no matter where you are and where you go, as long as you use the street this happens. Just go to any police station, there are tons of these cases and good luck proving them. Make friends, not enemies. Life is too short.

  9. Unless I'm mistaken, that sounds like very dictatorial advice. Keep your mouth shut about bad things, or you'll have the shit beaten out of you. Kind of reminds me of a story not too long ago, where someone who wouldn't stay quiet suffered the ultimate consequence for it.

    She hasn't made a big deal out of it, if you'd taken the time to actually read through the rest of her blog, you'll notice she frequently posts advice and guidance for foreigners in Egypt, both good and bad. She's merely advising on scams, and she should never have to apologize for it. What is she supposed to do, delete the blog? I mean come on. It doesn't seem to me like LeAnne is the one stuck on this, take a look in your mirror buddy.

  10. Oh, and as for the whole "acid" story, well I have had benzine dumped on me on the streets here. And I had done nothing, there are just douschebags that find this appropriate, be it because we're foreigners or whatever. It has nothing to do with what you've written or what you haven't, it's just a matter of a fucked up social system, with minimal education thrown in.

    End. of. Story.

  11. i am just trying to help. benzine doesnt do anything. HCL and HSO4 does. its worthless really. For this story to qualify as fraud or the scam the people have to benefit from it. Which is not the case here. To the contrary, it seems like she wasted their time.

    this person who commented above doesn't have any idea what they are talking about. There is nothing you can do my friend. You got no stories and there is no ultimate consequences. This stuff is the easiest thing to happen. and there is no legal defense for it. so take it easy and make friends.

    and i personally doubt that the last 2 comments were made by a foreigner.

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  13. P.S. Dear anonymous, the Ultimate consequences I was talking about were your fellow countrymen, Khaled. Or has your head been so far up your ass you haven't heard that story either? Or was that also a big joke?

    Gah LeAnne. I don't know how you put up with idiocy like this running rampant on your blog.

  14. Sorry LeAnne one last comment then I will leave this douchebaggery alone.

    The comment from "Anonymous" regarding the acid and the sticks. That to me sounds like a threat. and you should report it at least to the embassy.

    people like this should not find it appropriate to get away with threatening people with acid being dumped, hit and run, etc. It's too bad that although selecting 'anonymous' when posting, it doesn't delete your IP address. And this is not something to be taken lightly. If I were you, I'd be phoning the RSO's office, just to put an alert out there.