Monday, December 10, 2012

Letters from Egypt: The Irony

Less than 3% of the 780,000 Egyptians residing in the US exercised their right to vote in Egypt's presidential elections

This photo was taken via a friend from his office window in Washington DC showing Egyptian Americans taking to the streets in protest over the Muslim Brotherhood and leader/current president Mohamed Morsi.

Do I want to see the Muslim Brotherhood hijack Egypt? Of course not, but I don’t understand why this is a US problem. Some of you might say it’s because the US represents the free world. True, but do you really want the US coming in and trying to implement so-called democracy in your country? I mean, I understand that most people don’t look at history, but uh, hello, Iraq anyone?

And I really don’t understand why Egyptian Americans are protesting. It’s their culture, their home. True. But less than 3% of the 780,000 Egyptian Americans voted in the presidential election, their right to vote for the leader of their culture, their home. So why should the US listen to those located there? Unless you are part of the 27,300 Egyptians that even registered to vote at one of the five precincts, I don’t understand why your voice should matter now. Why didn’t you think it important to voice your concerns in June?

Oh that’s right – you just assumed everyone else would vote for Shafiq so you didn’t feel that your vote would matter. And even those of you living in the US seem to have a problem understanding a democratic process. Ironic.

And because people are unhappy, many Egyptians feel that it’s time for the international community to step in and save the day. Excuse me, when has the international community stepped in, saved the day and the country and its people just lived happily ever after? Everyone wants the easy way out instead of working for it themselves. Okay, then what?

Dear Egyptians:

Have you thought about life after Morsi? It would be nice if you did because it seems like no one thought about life after Mubarak. No one thought about life after the military.

Where do you want to see your country go and how would you like to implement it (step by step plan of action would be great here – don’t just say that you want economic reform)?

Of course very few of you have thought past your daily ritual of protesting. You all focus on your wants, but never how to get them. Or if you do focus on how to get them, it’s usually other people, securing them for you. Like a spoiled child wanting everything handed to you.

You may think that I'm being completely cold-hearted. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I want to encourage Egyptians to fight for their rights on their own - you'd be surprised at the rewards that would come from doing so. When Egypt won its independence from Britain, Egyptians took pride in how THEY did it - not the international community. So as proud Egyptians, stop calling on the international community - handle your business. You'll be much better off in the long-run.

Egyptian Exception

There are those that have been actively thinking about "What next." One Egyptian has started a dialogue encouraging others to join. Here is the start of his blog (click the link):

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letters from Egypt:Blame the US, Everyone Else Does

Screen capture from Egypt Independent
Some independent Egyptian papers are joining the anti-Morsi fight as part of the planned campaign of civil disobedience, and other industries may join in addition to the ongoing strikes by the judicial members.

And the chatter on FB is really what has me more interested.

As this screen capture was posted, I trolled through the responses.

Mariova El Gammal discussed how although she was not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) she voted for Morsi thinking he would be “democratic and fair.” She continued to say – which I think was a rhetorical statement to Morsi – “I hope that you [Morsi?] know that you are losing credit in one of the biggest and most influential nations in the Arab world and we regard you as a caretaker of terrorists and dictators who steal away our (first amendment) rights. Be sure that we are looking down at you and the US government in disgrace.”

First of all, please let me know when Egypt has a constitution that includes the Bill of Rights – which is what the Gammal discusses when she mentions “our (first amendment) rights.” Funny coming from someone that says the US should be ashamed of itself for allowing this to happen. What amazes me is the blame this person has placed on the US. She continued, “We will not allow another Mubarak to be made and the US should be ashamed that they are allowing this to happen and supporting this too!!!”

Ummm – how did the US allow this to happen? Did everyone else read what I did? This person voted FOR Morsi. She exercised HER RIGHT to VOTE and now is casting blame at the US?

Finally, Gammal said: “Our children will be destroyed. Our future will be IRAN! You want to turn Egypt into another IRAN!!!! Shame on the USA.”

Listen buddy, I think it’s time you re-evaluate your stance. The US didn’t pay you to support Morsi, you did it willingly. YOU VOTED, which was YOUR RIGHT. You don't like the outcome, change it yourself. If you wait around on others to help you, you might be waiting around for a long time - and you should use that piece of advice in all facets of life.

However, Mohamed El Ghareib posted in response to Gammal (as did I) saying: “The US has nothing to do with our current situation. WE as Egyptians should be able to obtain our rights regardless if the US sanctions Morsi and his mob. It’s our fight and our fight alone. We should have what it takes to establish our rights otherwise we will always wait for the US or KSA (Saudi Arabia) to determine the course of our future. Just my two cents.” Very well said.

Again, while there might be strikes and other protests going on, where I am – it’s business-as-usual. Nothing to see here folks, keep it moving.

Gammal's full post:
am an egyptian citizen andI have elected president morsi thinking he will be democratic and fair.. I am not from the muslim brotherhood group who are trying to take over egypt appalled as an egyptian citizen of your support to an dictatorial decree and opression of the egyptian people. I hope you know that you are losing credit in one of the biggest and most influential nations in the arab world.. and that we regard you as a caretaker of terrorists and dictators who steal away our (first amendment) rights.. be sure that we are looking down at you and the USA government in disgrace.. the egyptian people are marching for their freedom and rights alone.. with no support from your government to their real needs.. your government is a disgrace to the USA.. you should support egypt in a way not to be over ruled by a group of militant fanatics!

USA should look to egypt away from the benefit of the muslim brotherhood group who are a group of militant ...fanatics using president morsi to over rule egyptians and robb them of their constitutional rights
Egyptians are appalled by the negative position of the USA concerning the peaceful marches conducted by egyptians everywhere in egypt today to stop the take over of the fanatics to our country.. I am a moderate muslim who is appalled that USA will allow the fanatics to destroy our blood earned democracy after toppling mubarak.. shame on the USA!!

Egyptians are marching tomorrow Tuesday the 4th of december all over egypt to protest the dictatorial authorities taken by our elected president morsii.. we will not allow another mubarak to be made and USA should be ashamed that they are allowing this to happen and supporting this too !!!! Our children will be destroyed.. our future will be IRAN! you want to turn egypt into another IRAN!!!! Shame on the USA
Mariam el gammal .. Egyptian citizen

Disclaimer: I posted the names of the Facebook comments as those were publicly made on a public page.