Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letters from Egypt: Egypt Refuses Help from Israel during Sinai Attack

On Sunday, three Korean tourists and an Egyptian bus driver were killed while 14 others were injured in an attack on a tourist bus in Sinai’s Taba, the Egyptian town where people may enter Israel’s Eilat. Investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of the blast.

People with minor injuries were taken to Taba and Nuweiba hospitals while those that suffered more severe injuries were taken to Sharm el Sheikh medical facilities. But did you know that Israel had ambulances at the border to offer assistance? Naturally Egypt refused.

Political reasons stopped the sending of injured civilians to a far closer hospital for medical treatment. What if that was your family member and they were severely injured needing immediate medical assistance? Would you be so understanding?

From Google Maps, you can see that Eilat is 11.4 km away from Taba while Sharm el Sheikh is 222 km.

Egypt, if you aren’t going to allow for emergency help from Israeli authorities amid claims that more terrorist-like activity is set to continue then maybe you should reconsider expanding your medical facilities and personnel throughout the Sinai.

Also, a sad read about the death of Egypt's tourism industry - a sector that so many rely on: “The Death of Tourism” by Mohamed Khairat, founder of 

By the way, as I tried to hyperlink the Taba Border Crossing with the site from a non-wikipedia link, it appears that the Israeli government site is blocked in Egypt (or it could just be my internet).