Monday, August 4, 2014

Letters from Egypt: Water Outages will NOT Affect Most of Maadi

Yes, most of you will still be able to shower and bowabs will still be able to water sand.

People are getting in a panic hearing that various news sources have reported water outages in areas inside of Cairo, particularly those residents in Maadi, starting today from 6 pm until tomorrow morning at 6 am.

The story can only be found in Arabic from one site, Almogaz. You will not find the story in other well-known publications like Al Ahram or Al Masry Al Youm. Considering that it’s nearly 3 pm and the scheduled outages are supposed to get underway in three hours, I would have thought it would be in more places.

Almogaz’s story listed areas that are supposed to be affected by a 12-hour water loss, and you will notice that it is not all of Maadi. In fact, the only areas in Maadi to be affected are around Palestine Street (where Bandar Mall and Chili’s is located) and Bassateen (an area near Palestine St. but going all the way out to the Autostrad). Bassateen is the area before you take the Nasr Street exit from the Autostrad. Another area mentioned that is considered on the border of Hadayak Maadi and Dar es Salaam is Faida Kamel. While Manshet Sadat was also mentioned, I have no clue where this is and it seems no one else does either. 

And if you don’t know where it is, then that means you don’t live there. Now if you live in the areas that are reportedly going to lose water, take the precaution of filling up your bathtub and taking showers/other water-required activities before 6 pm. Otherwise, please make sure that you let others know the supposed targeted areas. Again, this news source is not well known so take it for what it’s worth. Better to be prepared than not.

Onto areas in Nasr City that will be affected as per the article:
  • Zahraa Medinaat Nasr
  • Haya el Asher
  • Near Ahly Club
  • Esbet el Hagana
  • Zones 1, 6 and 8

Also covered in the water loss and uncertain areas include Gabel el Ahmar and Zone 6 and 7.

Katamaya residents:
The article says that you will have water, but it will be very little. The Third Settlement will also have little water.

All of this is the result of an important pipe/tube that broke in the Al Fostat Potable Water Treatment Plant.