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Places of Interest to the Cairo Expat (English Friendly)

Moving to a new country can be difficult and the language barrier can be crippling. Here are some of my favorite places, but understand that Egyptians are very lingual. There are many more options to choose from, but here are just a few of my faves. Sometimes it's hard to keep this page updated, but so if you have any suggestions that you don't see mentioned - please don't hesitate to email me or place your comment on this page.


Barry's Oriental Restaurant 

I am personally astounded this place doesn't have more business as it overlooks the pyramids, offers wine/beer, decent Egyptian grub and again, the view can't be beat. Do I think the food is the best I've ever had? Nah. It's not even the best Egyptian food, but it is better than most. Plus, this is a great place to bring visitors particularly after a long trek seeing all the pyramids (errr dealing with all the hagglers that never leave you alone). 
Serves alcohol

Blackstone American Bistro

I love the atmosphere and at Christmas, it is one of the only places to really make you feel 'Tis the Season.' In addition to being festive, the entire menu is to die for - and constantly changes. First of all, it's one of the ONLY places in Cairo to serve up Eggs Benedict - regular (with beef bacon), salmon/lox or crab. For dinner, the tomato, onion and lentil soup are all tough decisions (not a fan of the mushroom soup though). The Thai Chicken Salad if a must have and any entree you choose is going to be a wonderful dish. However, beware of the filet mignon, it's served with a chocolate sauce and I'm unsure about you - but I don't really dig chocolate with my steak. Maybe it's just me...
Serves alcohol 

Fuego Grill and Sushi Bar  

I know, sushi and Egypt seem unrealistic, but Fuego makes it a reality. I've been going to this restaurant since it first opened in Maadi's Bandar Mall (upstairs from Chili's) and remain a repeat customer. The service is excellent and the sushi is amazing. Read about it from an old blog post from June 18, 2009 Eat of the Week.
No alcohol 


At the end of Abu Feda in Zamalek, located on the Nile and nice ambiance. The food...meh. Mori Sushi operates an independent restaurant within Sequoia, but I'm not a fan. It's a ton of rice, hardly any fish and way over-priced. The regular food selection menu is only blase at best. Service is possibly one of the worst in Cairo (hard to imagine right). It's extremely crowded, somewhat understaffed considering that servers seem to have difficulty waiting on more than two tables at a time and by the time you get your items, drinks are watered down and food is cold. However, it does offer a fantastic view and the atmosphere is always lively.


Under the same ownership as Blackstone and conveniently located next door (behind the Sofitel Maadi), this is one of the BEST Egyptian restaurants I've eaten. Although I have so far only ordered take-out, the cuisine raises the sometimes average Egyptian food to way more. I recommend the babaganouj (it has a slight kick, much like a faint taste of cayenne pepper), labneh and definitely the chicken liver.
Serves alcohol   


April 14, 2009 I said that this was my favorite restaurant in Cairo in the Place of the Week and on September 30, 2012, it's still my favorite.
Serves alcohol  


Ace Club - Maadi located social organization that caters to expats

BCA Club  - Expat club in Heliopolis and off Port Said in Maadi 

Club 35 - Four Seasons Giza, reservations are a must

Cairo Jazz Club

Pub 28 - 28 Shagarat el Dor St, Zamalek

Pub 55 – Road 9, Maadi downstairs in Villa 55 

Stiletto Style Lounge - see June 30 blog  


Jacques Hair - Road 9, across from Metro market and around the corner from Drinkies; ask for Ahmed. For an appointment call 014.505.8068
Neferatari – the ultimate bath/spa store with all products natural and proudly made in Egypt. This is a personal all time favorite of mine.

Noha Nails - see Nov. 11 blog

General Information

Cairo Scholars - a listserv that provides useful information from other expats, but be warned - it can become a little too 'PC' at times and riddled with the same moronic posts, e.g. "I was out with a group of veiled Egyptian females last night and could not believe that the bouncers wouldn't let us in..."

 CSA (Community Services Association)

Yallabina – offers dining suggestions, contact information and also movie times and shows

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